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Feed your salsa hunger with La-33

Santipianoman, Checho (Director) and Palo (Timbal) on Saturday April 14 had the opportunity to meet and share with 3 of his fans (Felipe Sanabria, Margoire Pacheco and Luisa Romero) an unforgettable dinner at the Hamburgers. There is this Tumbando By taking the city, expected more surprises and dare to Overthrow Out There with Your Orchestra La-33. Video Made by Matias Calvo. Filmatto Productions. Released May 31, 2013, Royal Center Bogota. Reports 4833692.

Salsa Brava Dancing Club Mexico Season

Article Mini Jimbo Mexico Salsa Brava season @ The Square Dancing Club open the dance floor with one of the most representative bands of the scene Bogota, La-33, who will step a second time the scene of the Plaza Condesa to ignite the audience with his pace and flavor next June 29. With a lineup of 12 members, Colombia La-33 is a band inspired by the format of the 70 New Yorker’s who has managed to inject new blood into classic salsa with a fusion of rhythms from rock, funk and jazz amalgamated perfectly with the unmistakable Latin flair. See More  

Note at El Espectador newspaper

Notice: This post is only available for spanish readers   “Tumbando por ahí” es una producción que refleja la magia del ambiente urbano de Bogotá, y que pretende comunicar a los oyentes en forma sincera, la alegría de vivir y la aceptación de nuestra realidad humana”, según explican los músicos que ya estrenaron el tema “Guayabo”. 

La 33 4th album launch “Tumbando por ahí”

La-33, the most representative salsa band of the Bogotá city  scene, after their successful Australia and New Zealand tour is preparing to launch a new production called “Tumbando por ahí” . This is their  fourth album and contains 12 compositions of several members who have been living in a parallel life between music and experiences. This album comes from the attitude of sincerity and humbleness to accept the fact of being human beings and the possibility of making mistakes and to see them as part of our own essence. This is explored in  every song trying to show the magic in our lives, in our city, in each of our times and is delivered to our listeners. Tumbando por ahí shows the evolution resulting from these 12 years of hard work,…

Café libro

Full of energy, after touring Montevideo and Buenos Aires, La-33 comes with a download of flavor, here at home. Beginning as it should: with friends, with siblings, to begin this year celebrating that we are alive and we do what we like and for people who want more. Singing and enjoying, filling our public taste and joy this February 16, we invite you to celebrate! PLACE: CAFE LIBRO DE LA 93 CRA. 11 A, 93- 42. COST: $ 50.000 PLACES TO BUY Ticket sale: -Musiteka, Cra 8 # 18-81 local 203, tel: 2843192 -Tango Discos, Cra 15 # 91-65, tel: 2570496 -Tango Discos, Cll 53 con cra 27 local 1077 C.C Galerias, tel: 2354014 -Tango Discos, Cll 73 # 10-83 local 118 C.C Avenida Chile,…

Review: Hugh Masekela & La-33

20 March 2013 Reviewed by Ben McNicoll Along with Peru’s Novolima, Hugh Masekela and La-33, looked to be pretty much the most danceable musical acts in this year’s Auckland Arts Festival programme, and both proved to be so, but there were contrasts between the approach at the two venues. South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela’s strengths as an entertainer carried his show at the Town Hall on Thursday. His history of anti-apartheid activism, and his reputation as a brass player took me to the concert with a set of expectations of tone that were cheerfully overturned.