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CROMOS magazine article Dec-2013

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La-33 receives “bastón de mando” from Benny More at Tempo Latino

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Celebrating the International Day of Dance in All New Square.

A great celebration, a great ritual, thousands of bodies moving to the rhythm of salsa, Thanks Bogotá and thanks to The Square now is All.

Feed your salsa hunger with La-33

Santipianoman, Checho (Director) and Palo (Timbal) on Saturday April 14 had the opportunity to meet and share with 3 of his fans (Felipe Sanabria, Margoire Pacheco and Luisa Romero) an…

Salsa Brava Dancing Club Mexico Season

Article Mini Jimbo Mexico Salsa Brava season @ The Square Dancing Club open the dance floor with one of the most representative bands of the scene Bogota, La-33, who will…

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