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La 33 4th album launch “Tumbando por ahí”

La-33, the most representative salsa band of the Bogotá city  scene, after their successful Australia and New Zealand tour is preparing to launch a new production called “Tumbando por ahí” . This is their  fourth album and contains 12 compositions of several members who have been living in a parallel life between music and experiences. This album comes from the attitude of sincerity and humbleness to accept the fact of being human beings and the possibility of making mistakes and to see them as part of our own essence. This is explored in  every song trying to show the magic in our lives, in our city, in each of our times and is delivered to our listeners.

Tumbando por ahí shows the evolution resulting from these 12 years of hard work, a higher musical development, more cohesion among its members and lyrics more in line with the reality that we are living, all within an environment that enhances the “gozadera”, integration, and in which each of its members provides that “tumbao” from their hearts, reminding us that we are alive, and we came to this world to enjoy. The repertoire is varied, is a musical journey with different genders among  Mambo, with songs such as Mambo Colombia and Shooting Mambo, son montuno with titles like, Patacón con queso, and finally, the song Tumbando por ahí a production that fusions salsa, funky and a lot of life.

The official launch will take place on May 31 at the Centro de Eventos Royal Center  where attendees can enjoy the staging of new compositions. This work was recorded in the month of February in Audiovisión studies in Bogotá, master pieced  by  sound engineer  Camilo Silva and producer Richard Blair, the cover design was developed by Gaspar Guerra.